Multiple Intelligences:  Visual-Spatial

  The Visual-Spatial Intelligence (picture smart) is related to the ability to visualize an image or idea and to create mental pictures.  Color plays an important role in this intelligence.  The visual-spatial learner typically enjoys drawing, painting, sculpting, working jigsaw puzzles and mazes, using maps, and prefers videos and pictures to words. Most importantly, this intelligence involves sensitivity to color, line, shape, form, space, and the relationships between these elements.


Activities that strengthen the visual-spatial intelligence  

Craft and art projects; draw/color or illustrate concepts/things/ideas; design a logo that communicates a concept; webbing and mind mapping; graphic organizers; thinking maps; sequence planning charts/flow charts; puzzles; lab reports; creative visualization and response drawing; art work; color clues; visual presentations (video, slide, photography); creating video/slide projects (computer); creating models or 3D projects; design, construct or build models; improve a product; graphs and diagrams; reading/creating maps and interpreting directions.