Brain Research:
Additional Resources
Brain Research and Education
 Brain Connections
New Horizons for Learning Quarterly Journal
Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition: Integrating The Sciences of Mind and Brain
The Brain in the News -- The Dana Foundation
Monthly publication valuable for anyone interested in the latest discoveries about the brain.
The BrainWeb & Brain Information
Basic introduction to brain science, its history, the current understanding of the brain, new developments, and future directions.
Brain Based Education
Serves as a link between current psychological and neurological research and education. Site offers information on current research, articles and a free newsletter.

Jensen Learning Corporation
Trainings, Workshops and Conferences with the Brain in Mind. Brain-Based Trainings to Accelerate your Learning Skills.

Cognitive Brain Research Unit
Department of Psychology, University of Helsinki, Finland.
Research Index of Knowledge, Simulation of Human Memory, Creativity, Perception
The TM effort to explore the fundamental nature of the brain and to develop applications that provide insight for this research.
I am YOUR child Foundation
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