Multiple Intelligences:  Musical-Rhythmic

The Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence (music smart) is related to a keen sensitivity to music, sounds,  tonal patterns, or the human voice.  The musical-rhythmic learner easily beats out rhythms, enjoys singing and playing musical instruments and frequently listens to music while studying. This intelligence includes sensitivity to rhythm, pitch, melody, or tone of a musical piece.


Activities that strengthen the musical-rhythmic intelligence

Creating songs; singing; raps; creating rhythms to practice grammar; writing lyrics to illustrate a concept; linking historical periods to music of the period; creating music for drama related activities; poems; linking familiar tunes with concepts; creating songs or jingles to summarize concepts or ideas; playing music in the classroom to stimulate appreciation; playing instruments; developing a score for a video or audio presentation; playing CD's, audio/video tapes; MP3's, LPs.

Children’s Songs and Rhymes of All Nations