Multiple Intelligences:  Intrapersonal

The Intrapersonal Intelligence (self) refers to the understanding and acknowledgement of oneself—regarding feelings, emotions, thinking, self-reflection and metacognitive skills.  The intrapersonal learner typically sets personal goals, prefers to work alone and has a clear sense of direction in life. This intelligence includes having an accurate picture of one's strengths and limitations; awareness of inner moods, intentions, motivations and desires.


Activities that strengthen the intrapersonal intelligence  

Independent study and individual instruction (one on one activities); monitoring of own skills; developing a complete set of personal goals; developing a family history; mapping places in the environment where they feel comfortable, most creative and happiest;  personalized authentic assessment; exploring personal interests; researching and online activities;
goal setting; self-improvement activities; as well as writing activities such as keeping a diary; journaling; learning logs; essays; personal reflection/reflective writing; and recording study notes.