Multiple Intelligences:  Bodily-Kinesthetic

  The Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (body smart) relies on learning by doing—moving and manipulating objects, bodily movements, competitive and collaborative sports and movement games, drama and role-playing, inventing or building a model or design.  The bodily-kinesthetic learner typically enjoys physical activity such as through drama, gesturing, dance, and hands-on learning activities.  This intelligence includes specific physical skills such as coordination, balance, dexterity, strength, flexibility, and speed. Any activity that relies on TPR/TPRS strengthens the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.


Activities that strengthen the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence  

Manipulatives and flashcards; aerobic alphabet; dance; using self to act out an event or thing; field trips; team construction projects; scavenger hunts; video presentations; drama; movies; fieldtrips; cooperative or competitive games like classroom board races and the fly swatter game.